26 awesome Rocbinda aggregates!




All anti skid road plates manufactured by St Helens Plant with the application of the Rocbinda Skid Resistant Surfacing System are independently scuff tested.


The Rocbina high friction surfacing system maintains its anti-skid, high friction ability against scuffing up to 100,000 wheel passes.


The revolutionary Rocbina surfacing system has been stringently heat tested and heat aged to ensuring complete retention of the anti skid composition remains.


The anti skid, high friction surface has been proven to be heat resistant, even after being heat aged at 70c +/- 30c for 112 days. Freeze and Thaw testing is also conducted.


Other independant tests conducted include; tensile adhesion testing, resistance against diesel, suitability of surfaces and the reaction to thermal movement.


Type 1 BBA / HAPAS Approval is a worldwide accreditation recognised on a global level due to the stringent verification processes required to achieve BBA and HAPAS approval.

ISO 9002 BBA

All anti skid road plates supplied and manufactured with the Rocbina high friction surfacing system are manufactured to meet with ISO 9002, BBA approved.


ISO 9002, BBA approved accreditation means regular 6 monthly detailed audits of manufacturing records - must be produced, ensuring consistency and standards maintained.

Rocbinda Aggregates

The Rocbinda anti skid system involves many processes that incorporate the application of an anti-slip, high-grip aggregate surface. Aggregates are available in 26 various colours.
The reason so many aggregates are available in so many different colours is to draw attention of road users, highlight a potential hazard or warning or perhaps the use of coloured aggregates – application dependant is to show clear safety measures such as school crossings, traffic calming areas or restricted areas such as bus lanes.
Rocbinda also provides a high level of versatility and can be used in conjunction other types of aggregates. Both brightly coloured and naturally pigmented aggregates can be used in conjunction to produce clearly defined areas on road surfaces, run ways or race track applications.
Rocbinda skid resistant surfacing system is designed to be used in a wide variety of applications. 
From ground excavations to trench box applications to airside operations such as aircraft road plates and marine, offshore and oil and gas sectors. The applications and benefits the revolutionary Rocbinda surfacing system provides are infinitive.
The Rocbinda surfacing system will adhere to steel, timber and bituminous materials, providing a level of versatility that has never been possible before.
As a fast responding, forward thinking fabrications company, St Helens Plant have the skill, ability and accreditations to incorporate the Rocbinda anti skid surface into almost any type of groundwork, roads, bridges or access-type application, contact us to discuss your requirement.
The revolutionary Rocbinda surfacing system is respected and recognised on a global level due to the its diversity, durability and adaptability.
Rocbinda is one of the very few products worldwide that have BBA and HAPA approval and accreditation for use on both bituminous and concrete surfaces.
Rocbinda is a high pedigree, premium resin bonded, high friction surfacing system used on wealth of applications we all use on a daily basis, ranging from roads to bridges to railway platforms and runways.
Due to the resin bonded nature of Rocbinda, it’s a perfect selection for all resin bonded schemes and developments. Providing a clean, contemporary anti-skid surface with a lifespan of up to ten years.


Rocbinda surfacing system is anti-slip, ultra grip and completely odour free due to it’s polyurethane technology. Rocbinda surfacing system is cold applied, two-part polyurethane resin, used in conjunction with 1-3mm calcined bauxite aggregate to produce an anti skid, ultra-grip, high friction surface.

Branding and Customisation

Steel edge finishes are available on steel road plate and anti skid road plates of all sizes, specifications and applications.
We use an industry leading protective paint that can be modified to suit extreme temperatures of both high and low, alongside harsh environmental conditions.
The benefit in treating steel edges with protective paint is two-fold.Painting steel edges with a highly visible protective paint provides additional safety in being seen and easily visible by traffic, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.
Protective painted steel edges also provide an additional level of protection for the plate, increasing longevity and maintaining their intended lifespan of up to 10 years.
Whether you choose road plates for public roads or perhaps require a super-sized, airside solution or require road plates for placement within an excavated construction site.
Whichever your requirement, we can provide spray painted logo and branding of your road plates. Using a robust, aggregate suitable spray paint we can professionally add your company logo, name or tagline on top of the aggregate, anti-skid surface.
For customers, buyers and procurement purchases of large batches, we know only too well just how important having clear batch and ID numbers is when working with large quantities of stock.
We provide an ID and batch number welding service that can weld any type of letter or number onto the steel edges of road plates.
Note: one of the reasons we don’t show prices on our road plates is we provide a lot of bespoke specifications and service many batch requirements for local authorities throughout the UK. In order to provide competitive pricing, we refrain from displaying prices to allow us room to offer batch-buy discounts and remain the fluid and inline with the fluctuation of current steel prices.



We’re passionate about every access system, groundworks solution of scaffolding component we design, engineer, manufacture and supply. Making it our mission to ensure we not only meet, but exceed all required safety standards. Our decades of experience as the UK’s only remaining, all-encompassing, non-mechanical scaffolding and access fabrications company has established us with an international reputation for reliability of supply, safety of solutions and innovation in fabrication.




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