What Sizes Are St Helens Plant Road Plates Available In?

St Helens Plant manufactures and supplies steel road plates and anti skid road plates in standard sizes of;  8’ x 4’ and 6’ x 4’.

Bespoke specifications are available on request, road plates can be manufactured to any desired specification. All road plates either standard dimensions or bespoke specifications are supplied with a full materials test certificate and user guide.

What Thicknesses of Road Plates are Available?

Steel road plates and anti skid road plates are available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths.

Standard Specifications;

  • 6ft x 4ft x ½” – half inch standard thickness 
  • 8ft x 4ft ¾” – 3/4 inch standard thickness 

For more details, advice or to place an enquiry – contact us.

What is the best way to store Road Plates?

Anti skid road plates and steel road plates are recommended to be stacked on top of one another in a uniformed manner.

Road plates treated or nontreated are weather resistant and capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. It is also advisable when storing road plates, no other tools or equipment are stacked on top or against the plates. This reduces the risk of warping, defects and damages.

Road plates can be stored outdoors or indoors, if you are keen to preserve the longevity of your road plates we advise you stow them correctly and safely – within a secure, sheltered area if indoor accommodation is not possible.

Are Road Crossing Plates Affected By Weather?

Road crossing plates, steel or anti skid coated are manufactured with the objective of providing a portable road surface. All road plates manufactured by St Helens Plant have the ability to endure harsh environmental conditions such as low temperatures, high temperatures and rain.

Note; steel road plates are not designed to be used on public roads or pavements, due to the risk posed to motorcyclists and pedestrians as the steel plates have not been treated with the Rocbinda Skid Resistant Surfacing System – they have no traction and can easily cause a pedestrian to slip, trip or fall.

Likewise with motorcyclists, unlike cars motorcyclists rely on only two wheels and the riders balance. Steel road plates pose huge risk to all bikers and are legally not permitted for installation on UK roads.

More details can be found on below –

Using Road Plates at Road Works

What is the load capacity of Road Plates?

Steel Road Plates may be required to provide temporary pedestrian/vehicular access over narrow trenches and small manholes.

Can I Hire Road Plates?

Anti skid Road Plates and Steel Road Plates are available for sale and supply from St Helens Plant Limited.

For those looking for cost effective hire options, our hire and sale division – PHS Group can provide a wide range of accommodating trade account options, affordable hire rates and convenient door-to-door delivery.

Can road plates be repaired or reconditioned?

Steel Road Plates and Anti Skid Road Plates don’t last forever, their general lifespan useage dependent, is between 5 – 10 years.

When the time comes, and your road plates are in need of reconditioning, repair, testing and verification, contact us for a quote, and we’ll have your road plates collected, repaired or reconditioned back to a fit for working condition – in line with all BBA, HAPAS and ISO regulations.

Once your road plates have been fully tested and verified, we will re-issue a new materials testing certificate and process your plates back to dispatch ready for delivery.