• Manufactured By: St Helens Plant Limited
  • Location: Merseyside, UK
  • Dimensions:  8′ x 4′ and 6′ x4′ 
  • Finish: Rocbinda Skid Resistant Surfacing System


St Helens Plant anti skid road plates are manufactured using the revolutionary Rocbinda High Friction Surfacing System. Anti skid road plates are available in any required specification. Standard sizes and variations are shown below;


Standard Dimensions and Depth

  • 6ft x 4ft x ½” – half inch standard thickness 
  • 8ft x 4ft ¾” – 3/4 inch standard thickness 


Types of Road Plates Available 


Heavy Duty – this type of road plate is manufactured with extra emphasis on depth and weight load – any required specification available.


Anti Skid – this type of road plate is heavy duty as detailed above, with the addition of the Rocbinda anti skid surfacing system – any required specification available.


Premium BBA Authority Approved – this type of road plate is one of our most popular due to being fully approved for use with local authorities. This type of road plate is heavy duty with the application of Rocbinda anti skid surfacing system, and is fully approved in accordance with Safety at Street and Road Works Act.


Premium BBA Airside Approved – this type of road plate is manufactured with exceptional focus on weight capacity with the application of the Rocbinda Anti Skid Surfacing System alongside all required airside markings and painting. This type of road plate is designed for aircraft in situ and runways.


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Prices aren’t shown on our website as this allows us to remain fluid and offer additional cost savings on large qualities and bespoke requirements.

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